The first specialized training center in Russia

We are proud to announce that we were the first to open endoscopic training center in Russia providing the opportunity to practice on animal models.  Specialists from all over Russia will be able to take part in our training sessions. We hold at least 6 training sessions per year, please monitor the events schedule.  

Focus on the practical training techniques

At each training session, we provide an opportunity not only to study theoretical aspects of the modern techniques but also to practice endoscopic procedures on the animal models. Each participant of a training session has the opportunity to perform at least 5 endoscopic procedures within two days.

Techniques applied during training sessions

At each training session, we provide an opportunity to perform sub-mucosa dissection, clipping by the innovative Ovesco clips system, stenting by self-expanding stents, clipping by TTS clips, esophageal varicosity ligation. 

Interactive platform

Within the framework of our training center, we create the interactive platform providing a unique opportunity to arrange a direct dialogue with the leading international and Russian experts in the area of fiber-optic endoscopy and to ask questions to the manufacturers of the endoscopic equipment and instrumentation. You will be able to ask any question , discuss issues of concern and share experience in online mode.

Course program

Each training session in the center takes two full business days (Friday and Saturday). On the first day, the participants receive background theoretical information about implemented endoscopic techniques from the leading international and Russian experts. After coffee-break the participants commence practical part of the training. On the second day of the training session, we provide an opportunity of practical work within 8 hours. 


Please be aware that enrolment to the arranged training sessions starts in advance due to the limited number of the participants (about 25 participants in each training session). The cost of the education program in 2016 amounts to 3000 rubles for 2 training days (including coffee-breaks and lunch). Relevant information about enrollment opportunities can be obtained from the project coordinator Evgeniya Milyaeva (8-800-555-56-57). 



Pictures from the last events you can find in news and publications: 


Leading experts: 

Dr. Oleg Tkachenko
The leading physician specialized in ESD procedure
Head of endoscopy department State Organization "Institute of Oncology. NN Petrov," Russian Ministry of Health
Dr. Kirill Shishin
The leading physician specialized in operational ESD procedure
The leading physician "Moscow Clinical Center named after A. S. Loginov" in Moscow
Dr. Oleg Orlov
The leading physician specialized in stents placement
Head of endoscopy department St. Petersburg State organisation "Hospital Holy Martyr Elizabeth"
Dr. Vladimir Malkow
The leading physician specialized in haemostasis
Head of endoscopy department State organisation "St. Petersburg multidisciplinary center" Russian Ministry of Health