"Surgical endoscopy in medical practice", December 6-7, Moscow, Russia

Дата публикации: 10.12.2018


Dear colleagues!

On December 6 and 7, 2018, in Moscow took place the Moscow Endoscopy Educational Course "Surgical Endoscopy in Medical Practice".

The Course program included:

  • lectures of Russian leading experts in endoscopy;
  • practical trainings in endoscopy using biomodels with the purpose to master modern technologies for endoscopic issection of early cancer and precancerous gastrointenstinal tract, esophagus endoscopic stenting with self-expandig nitinol stents, perforations closure of the hollow organs of the GI tract using OTSC clips OVESCO AG, and endscopic clipping.


  • Dr. Kirill Shishin, head of the operative endoscopy department of the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center of the Moscow Health Department (Moscow, Russia)
  • Dr. Ivan Nedoluzhko, head of the operational endoscopy department of the "MCSC named after A.S Loginov" (Moscow, Russia);
  • Dr. Pyotr Sinyayev, head of the endoscopy department of the "Medical Radiological Research Center named ter A.F. Сyb" , branch of the "National Medical Research Center of Radiology" (Obninsk, Russia)

Practical trainings were conducted using high-quality equipment and consumables:


  • stents self-expanding and other tools (Endo-Flex GmbH, Germany);
  • endoscopic clips (Ovesco AG, Germany);
  • endoscopic knives (Finemedix LTD, Korea);


  • SonoScape (China);
  • BOWA-electronic GmbH&Co. KG (Germany);

The educational course was organized for endoscopists, oncologists and surgeons.

Upon completion of training, participants were issued with the official certificates of thematic improvement, as were given points for Continuing Medical Education.

The "Endo Stars" Ltd. expresses gratitude to the host party and hopes forthe further and productive cooperation!

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