"Modern diagnostic and surgical endoscopy opportunities", June 8-9, St. Petersburg, Russia

Дата публикации: 09.06.2018

Dear colleagues!

On June 8 and 9, 2018, in Saint Petersburg took place the FirstI St. Petersburg International Endoscopic Educational Course "Modern diagnostic and surgical endoscopy opportunities", dedicated to the newest and most relevant methods of operative endoscopy.

The Conference program included:

  • lectures of Russian leading experts in endoscopy;
  • practical trainings in endoscopy using biomodels
    • Dr. Mikhail Kuzmin-Krutetsky, MD, PhD, Head of the endoscopy Department in teh North-western State Medical University named after L.I. Mechnikov (St. Petersburg)
    • Dr. Vladimir Malkow, head of the endoscopy department of the Saint-Petersburg Multidisciplinary Center of the Ministry of Health of Russia, assistant of the endoscopy department of the Mechnikov University (St. Petersburg)
    • Dr. Kirill Shishin, head of the operative endoscopy department of the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center of the Moscow Health Department  (Moscow)
    • Dr. Alexandra Sidorova, Research Institute of Oncology named after N.N. Petrov (St. Petersburg)

Practical trainings are conducted using high-quality tools and consumables:

  • stents self-expanding and other tools (Endo-Flex GmbH, Germany);
  • endoscopic clips (Ovesco AG, Germany);
  • endoscopic knives (Finemedix LTD, Korea);

The company "Endo Stars" Ltd. expresses gratitude to the participants and is always glad to welcome you in St. Petersburg!