The 10th hands-on session at Endo Stars training center, Saint-Petersburg

Дата публикации: 28.05.2016

Dear collegues,

Endo Stars LLC and Karl Storz GmbH were organised the 10th hands-on session for endosсopist. All physicians had a unique opportunity to increase their manual skills. 

Invited experts were Dr. Kirill Shishin (Moscow Scientific Clinical Center, Moscow) and Dr. Ivan Nedoluzhko (Moscow Scientific Clinical Center, Moscow). 

According to the event results, all participants of the mandatory program received the state-recognized certificate of completion of the educational course with the credit of 16 academic hours. 

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Workshops within the frames of the Training Session were held on endoscopy equipment Karl Storz GmbH with the use of the high-quality tools and accessroies provided by Endo Stars company (“Endo Stars” LLC, Russia).

Karl Storz GmbH (Germany), Ovesco AG (Germany), Finemedix Ltd (Korea) were the general partners of the conference.

The latest and most up-to date techniques of surgical endoscopy were presented, such as:

- modern technologies of endoscopic resection and dissection of early cancer and precancerous pathology of the GI tract,

- esophageal endoscopic stenting by self-expanding Nitinol stents,

- application of polysaccharide hemostatic system EndoClot PHS,

- closure of perforation in the GI tract hollow organs by means of the unique clip OTSC OVESCO AG,

- hemostasis by means of the clips E-Clip (Russia)

- esophageal varicosity ligation. 

Best wishes from Saint-Petersburg,

Training session organization committee