Endoscopic diverticulitis esophagostomy

Дата публикации: 13.05.2016

Dear collegues!

We represent a video report on endoscopic diverticulitis esophagostomy (without overtube).

Patient: 61-year old male. Ds: difficulty in swallowing, the feeling of the constant presence of a foreign body swallowing. Zenker's diverticulum is about 3.5 cm was found. 

Treating physician – doctor Sinyaev Petr Valentinovich.

Treatment institution – Orel Oncological Dispensary, Orel city. 

The procedure was performed by the accessories: dissection knife of L-type (Finemedix, Korea), distal cap (Finemedix, Korea), Guide wire (Endo-Flex, Germany), endoscopic equipments Pentax EG 2990i (Japan).