Gastrostomy tube placement, Ulan-Ude

Дата публикации: 18.03.2016

Dear colleagues!

We would like to bring a video report on the gastrostomy tube placement to your attention.

The procedure was performed by the gastrostomy tube by Kimberly Clark (USA).

Treating physician – doctor Rinchinov Vyacheslav Bazarzhapovich. 

Patient history:

Patient Sh., 20 years old, was admitted to our clinic from the central district hospital.  It is known from the medical history that he had tried to commit a suicide by shooting into his mouth from the unknown weapon; splinters or small shot passed through the hard palate and got stuck in the brain base. The reason of suicide is unknown. Ds: open craniocerebral trauma. Gun-shot penetrating wound of the brain. Foreign matters in the right parietal lobe, chiasm area. Brain contusion. Liquorrhea. Post-traumatic meningitis.

For the purpose of nutrition provision and prevention of the secondary wound infection, percutaneous endoscoping G-tube KIMBERLY-CLARK* MIC* PULL (PEG) was applied.

Treatment institution - Autonomous Public Health Care Institution "Republican Clinical Hospital named after N.A. Semashko”, Ulan-Ude, the Republic of Buryatiya