«YES», 28-30 June, Yaroslavl

Дата публикации: 30.06.2018

Dear colleagues!

June 28-30, 2018 in Yaroslavl took place 18th International Conference "High Technologies in the Digestive System Endoscopy - Yaroslavl Endoscopy Symposium - YES 2018", dedicated to new diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy methods of the digestive system.

Main sponsor of the event - "Endo Stars" LLC.

The conference traditionally provided participants with a unique opportunity not only to take part in an educational course, organized by the educational endoscopic center of the Yaroslavl State Medical University and attend lectures and master-classes of Russian and international experts, but also to develop practical skills using special biological models. Within the framework of the Conference, live demonstrations of endoscopic operations were also organized.

Invited experts at the Conference were specialists from Russia, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Austria.


The company "Endo Stars" LLC. expresses gratitude to the host party and looks forward to further cooperation!